Skills You Want To Get Out Of A Construction Quality Control Manager

Skills You Want To Get Out Of A Construction Quality Control Manager

Skills You Want To Get Out Of A Construction Quality Control Manager

26 May 2021
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If you plan on hiring a construction quality control manager for a construction project to have more guidance about rules and protocols you're supposed to follow, then you want to hire the right quality control manager that can really help. These skills will help for this particular construction position.


There will be a ton of tasks that a construction quality control manager does for any sort of construction project. That includes reviewing all relevant activities, looking at nonconformance reports, attending bid meetings, and monitoring statistics and data. 

You want a construction quality control manager that is very good at multi-tasking so that they're able to juggle all of these activities without struggling or putting your construction project in a vulnerable place. Construction experience is definitely needed to get a construction quality control manager that is able to perform all of these duties correctly and efficiently.

Problem Foresight

Even when the best plans are created for how construction should go, problems will more than likely come up. It really helps to find out what problems could happen before they do end up having an impact because then you'll be more prepared for solutions and workarounds.

If you hire a construction quality control manager that is good at problem foresight, then you may be able to circumvent a lot of construction issues. The quality control manager may have a sound understanding of the trajectory of a construction project and see where aspects are falling through the cracks. They'll then bring in the right members of your construction company to figure out solutions when certain warning signs are shown. 

Refined Coordination

Probably one of the more difficult things about completing a major construction project is talking to all parties involved and getting them on the same page. You shouldn't have to struggle if you end up hiring a construction quality control manager that has refined coordination skills.

Coordination skills will help the quality control manager meet with important parties to discuss key details of construction, including inspectors, material handlers, and third-party contractors that accept bids you offered. Refined coordination will be key in working out activities and helping parties do their job to the best of their abilities.

When your construction company starts looking for quality control managers, put a lot of focus on getting certain skills out of them. That can help you take advantage of their services throughout every phase of construction. Reach out to a company like Titan Consultants to discuss your needs. 

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