What To Consider When Building An Addition On Your Home

What To Consider When Building An Addition On Your Home

What To Consider When Building An Addition On Your Home

27 May 2021
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Ready to add some more square footage to your home with an addition? If so, it helps to know the following tips that will help the process go smoothly.

Know What You Can And Can't Built

It is possible that you have an idea for what you want to do for an addition, only to discover later that your plans are not possible. This is because there may be restrictions on what you can and cannot build, due to a variety of different factors. There may be limits on how much of your property can be used for the structure of your home, or limits for how close a structure can be to a neighboring property. Make sure that you understand what these limitations are before you get too far into the process of dreaming up your addition.

Know Where You Can Cut Costs

A home addition can quickly add up, and you want the project to be affordable and not something that you will regret. That's why it is important to know where you are willing to cut costs to get this job done. For example, you may want a brick exterior on the addition so that it blends in with your home's existing structure, but that brick is going to add onto the cost. Are you willing to use siding instead? This is just one example of how you can cut costs, but maintain the concept of your home addition.

Know How You'll Be Inconvenienced During Construction

If you are doing a major addition that involves altering the structure of your home, you may need to figure out alternate living arrangements during construction. This will be the case if you are expanding rooms that will be wide open to the outside, won't have working plumbing, or if you won't have a kitchen. Some people will plan to stay with others during the big part of the construction, set up a temporary kitchen in their garage, and do what it takes to let construction continue. 

Know How Change Orders Work

It is likely that something will come up that you want to change after construction begins. Ask your contractor how change orders will work if you want to make them. There may be deadlines to know a final decision about certain aspects of the addition's construction, with additional fees if you change things after the contractors have started building or purchasing materials. 

For more information, contact a home remodeling contractor in your area.

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