How To Choose And Use Decorative Rock To Control Weeds Around The Foundation Of Your Home

How To Choose And Use Decorative Rock To Control Weeds Around The Foundation Of Your Home

How To Choose And Use Decorative Rock To Control Weeds Around The Foundation Of Your Home

1 June 2021
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If you have a hard time controlling weeds around the foundation of your home, consider putting down decorative rocks. You could use any type of mulch, but decorative rock lasts longer than wood chips and it has a beautiful appearance, even if you don't put in any plants. Here are some tips for choosing and using decorative rock as a border around your house.

Choose A Size And Color You Like

Decorative rocks come in many sizes and a range of colors. You might want small black rocks, brown and tan river rocks, or multicolored beach pebbles. You could also choose large rocks, but smaller ones would work better if you're using them as mulch around foundation plants. You can move and mound the rocks as needed, just as you can with wood chip mulch.

Visit a rock supplier to see all of the choices available. Most decorative rocks have rounded edges from tumbling in a river or ocean, and they're pretty and interesting to see. Choose the rocks you like and arrange to have them delivered. Take measurements of your foundation beds along with you so you know how many rocks to order.

Put Down A Weed Barrier

If the goal of using decorative rock is to end your battle with weeds, you'll want to put down a weed barrier before adding the rocks. If you don't, weeds will spring up through the rocks. Remove as much growth from the area as you can and then put down the weed barrier. Cover the weed barrier to hold it down and to add weight that controls the growth of weeds.

Put In Edging

Buy some edging at a garden store so you can keep the rocks in place. Edging along the foundation bed makes it easy to use a weed trimmer to keep the bed nice and tidy. Plus, you won't have to worry about rocks rolling out and getting in your grass and becoming projectiles when you mow.

Use Rocks Without Plants

If you don't want to bother with maintaining flowers or plants either, then use only rocks along your foundation. Decorative rock is pretty enough to use alone. Just spread the rocks evenly over the weed barrier. You might add a few pieces of lawn decor such as a birdbath, garden globe, lawn gnome, or solar butterfly lights if you want to use them.

Add Foundation Plants

If you like the appearance of foundation plants, then visit a garden center to choose varieties that don't need a lot of care so they stay healthy. The rocks help hold moisture in the soil, so they are a good type of mulch. You can plant your flowers or plants directly in the soil by cutting a hole in the weed barrier or landscaping fabric.  

To order decorative rock, contact a business like A & A Materials.

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