What Makes Metal Roofing A Sustainable Choice For Modern Buildings?

What Makes Metal Roofing A Sustainable Choice For Modern Buildings?

What Makes Metal Roofing A Sustainable Choice For Modern Buildings?

7 June 2021
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As new buildings get built every day to meet the needs of the growing American population, construction contractors are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the industry's impact on the environment. One way they do this is by using sustainable building materials.

When it comes to new roof installation, metal roofing is increasingly being seen as a perfect choice for constructing sustainable buildings. Keep reading to explore the various attributes that make metal roofing suitable for use in sustainable building construction.

Metal Roofing Is Designed To Last

Although the longevity of metal roofing systems depends on multiple variables, including the type and thickness of metal material used, the climate of the building's location, and how well a roof is maintained, metal roofing can outlast most traditional roofing materials when installed and maintained correctly.

The longer lifespans of metal roofs translate to the delayed need for new roofs. This helps to reduce the demand for new roofing materials, which require significant amounts of natural resources to produce.

Metal Roofing Can Be Recycled

Just like other types of roofs, metal roofs need to be removed and replaced when they reach the end of their useful lives. The good news is that metal material from old roofs doesn't lose its economic value. It can be taken to a metal recycling facility and converted into raw material to be used in the manufacturing of recycled metal products.

Who knows? Your next metal roof may be made with recycled content, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new metal products from virgin mineral ores.

Metal Roofing Comes In A Variety Of Cool Roof Finishes

Due to its high thermal conductivity, regular metal isn't the best choice for insulating your home against heat. But when a cool roof finish (typically a reflective surface coating) is applied, it can reflect the sun's heat away from your home, making building occupants feel cooler in summer weather.

As a result, building owners can rely on metal roofs to keep their energy bills down during the cooling season. In applications where greater thermal performance is required for buildings, metal roofing may be used with insulation.

From the above discussion, it's easy to see why metal roofing continues to grow in popularity among American builders and building owners alike. However, you should keep in mind that not all metal roofing is the same. A local roofing professional can help to choose a metal roof for your needs.

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