Why Round Handrails Are The Safe Choice

Why Round Handrails Are The Safe Choice

Why Round Handrails Are The Safe Choice

10 June 2021
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Handrails are an important but often-forgotten-about component of many staircases, fencing, and walkways that you might have in and around your property. Whether you are building your home from scratch or merely renovating it, there are many good reasons why you should choose a round-styled handrail as your primary choice. Round handrails have been around for many centuries now and offer advantages that edged handrails simply do not. Here are a few of the most obvious reasons why you should stick with the safe choice when it comes to your handrailing needs. 

No Chance Of Getting Snagged On An Edge

One of the main disadvantages of handrails that have edges, no matter what shape they are, is that edges can become minefields for snagging clothes, watches, jewelry, and belts as you walk past. There is no more surprising and uncomfortable feeling than that of getting yanked backward because a belt loop on your pants got caught on an edge momentarily. Many a pair of paints or a nice piece of clothing has been torn by edges on handrails, and while it may not happen every time, the threat of it happening should be enough to warn most people away from getting those types of designs.

Timeless Look

It can be really hard to not get swept up in the wave of trends that encapsulate every area of home design. Even handrails are not immune to fads, and you probably have seen a few styles come and go in your time. If you don't want to regret making a choice that was only in vogue for a few years, then you are left with only a couple of timeless options, with a round handrail being the most prominent. Round handrails offer that sleek, minimalistic look that does not date itself to any era and instead looks great in every house and across the decades. 

Easier To Hold Onto

For some people, particularly older Americans, handrails really are important for their practical usage, and in those cases, round handrails are still one of the best options. That is because the round shape allows for a natural grip of the hand. Handrails with ornate designs and indentations in the side can be hard to grip, which might increase the aesthetic look but is a very big risk for those who actually rely on them. If you are trying to choose a handrail for an older relative or a parent, then round handrails should be your top priorities. 

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