Window Replacement Offers Unexpected Bonus: Increased Home Security

Window Replacement Offers Unexpected Bonus: Increased Home Security

Window Replacement Offers Unexpected Bonus: Increased Home Security

12 July 2021
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When homeowners think of increasing their home security, their first thought is rarely about window replacement. However, faulty windows can present a point of breach for potential break-ins. Indeed, even the way your household interacts with old windows can invite unwanted entrances.

Find out the potential dangers of old windows and how replacing them can increase your home security.

Windows Left Open

A research report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which accumulated information on crime activity over a 17-year period, detailed an increase in criminal activities during summer months. One of the main points of entry during such months is a window left open by the homeowner.

Homeowners often open their windows to increase cooling. You can buy new windows, though, that feature glazings that reflect the heat. Such coatings don't impact the view, but they do keep your home cooler without the need to open a window.

Old Window Styles

In the same vein, outdated window styles can lead to homeowners' leaving windows open in manners that invite invasions. Many old windows feature a single-hung or casement style. Potential burglars can clamber through such openings if they sense a home is untended.

Homeowners can choose different styles that allow for ventilation without opening their house to invasions. For instance, a double-hung style allows them to open the top half of the window, which would be harder for a burglar to access. Other good options include casement and awning windows, both of which allow for better control of opening width.

Unsecure Window Design

The style of the window itself may not be an issue. Older windows may not feature designs that are as secure as the new models. For instance, manufacturers used to construct double-glazed windows with special beading on the outside, which helped hold the glass in place.

Unfortunately, dexterous burglars could use those beading points to pop the glass out and enter your home. New models also use beading, but manufacturers tuck them into the frame. Therefore, those points no longer present a vulnerability.

Failing Window Hardware

Another issue with old windows is they're often worn out. You typically see hinges and even locks that are beginning to fail. Naturally, a window with failing hardware is easier to breach than one that has newer, more dependable hardware. Therefore, one option is to replace all window hardware.

That said, window replacement affords you the opportunity to update your entire opening for security. Not only do you get new locks and hinges, but you can also upgrade with a track lock or bolt.

Replace your windows to get increased security for your home.

For more information, contact a window replacement service in your area.  

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