Roof Leaks And Rot: Repairing Decking To Prevent Severe Structural Damage

Roof Leaks And Rot: Repairing Decking To Prevent Severe Structural Damage

Roof Leaks And Rot: Repairing Decking To Prevent Severe Structural Damage

30 July 2021
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If you have problem damage to your roof decking, it can cause structural problems. Therefore, you might need to repair these issues before the damage worsens and creates severe structural issues. The following are some repairs that need to be done to your roof decking:

Identify Damaged Decking

You need to identify the areas where there is damage to the roof decking. Often, the damaged area might not be visible a first, but when you look closer, you will notice issues. The areas where the decking has started to rot may be sinking or soft, which can cause visible dips in the roof. There might also be problems with issues like visible water stains on drywall and other water damage in the areas where the roof decking is damaged.

Evaluate the Roofs Condition

The condition of roofing is also important when repairing decking. You will need to determine if the damage to decking is isolated or if it is a widespread problem. When the problems with the decking are isolated, simple repair solutions can be used to deal with the damage. If there is widespread damage to the roofing, you might want to consider options like a roof replacement after the damaged area has been repaired.  

Remove Roofing From Affected Areas

Often, the damage to your roof will only be visible in the affected areas. These are the areas where the decking is going to need to be repaired. This will allow you to inspect the damaged area. If the damage to the decking is only on the surface, repairs will be simple. The plywood can be patched in, and the roofing materials that were removed can be reinstalled.

Repairing Damage to the Roof Decking

The last step to prepare your roof is to replace the damaged decking, but the damage to the decking might go beyond the surface of the plywood or sheathing. There might be damage to the rafters or other structural components that also need to be repaired. If the problem is just a small section of a rafter or minor wood damage, these issues can be taken care of by removing the damaged section of materials and patching them in. When the problem affects the structure, other solutions might be needed to ensure the structure is not affected.  

When decking problems start affecting your roof, you need to undergo roof deck repairs. Contact a local company for more help.

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