Consider Using Sheet Vinyl Decking When You Build Or Renovate Your Deck

Consider Using Sheet Vinyl Decking When You Build Or Renovate Your Deck

Consider Using Sheet Vinyl Decking When You Build Or Renovate Your Deck

2 September 2021
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If you're considering options for a new deck you intend to build, look into vinyl sheet decking. This type of decking is a little different from decks made of wood or vinyl boards. Sheet decking goes on the deck in a manner similar to indoor sheet vinyl flooring in that it is rolled out on the deck in big sheets. The sheets are then fused together to provide a waterproof surface. Here are the benefits of vinyl decking and how it's installed.

The Benefits Of Vinyl Sheet Decking

When the sheets of vinyl are installed and sealed at the seams, the entire deck surface is waterproof. There are no boards with gaps that allow rain to seep through, so you can store things under the deck and they stay dry.

Vinyl decking is also gentle on your feet and on your kids' feet if they play on the deck. You won't have any worry about splinters or decay. Plus, vinyl is easy to keep clean and you never have to seal it. Vinyl sheet decking is also easy to install, and that helps keep the cost of your new deck lower.

The Installation Process For Vinyl Decking

Sheet vinyl decking needs a sturdy and flat surface below it. The contractor might put down plywood first if you're building a new deck or renovating an old one. The sheets can also be put over a concrete slab. The sheets are attached to the base with glue and fasteners. The seams along the sheets are adhered with a heat welder so the sheets fuse together and create a watertight seal.

It's important for the deck builder to slightly slope the base so water won't puddle on the vinyl. The vinyl shouldn't be harmed, but the water might leave temporary stains and dirt behind as it evaporates. Care also has to be taken around posts and rails.

The contractor may avoid puncturing the vinyl if possible, but if it's necessary for a post to protrude through the vinyl, then waterproofing around the area is important so rain doesn't roll down the post and seep underneath the vinyl sheet and get the deck wet.

Sheet decking goes down quickly, and once it's in place, your deck can be used right away since no stain or sealer needs to be applied. Once your new deck is finished, you'll want to inspect it annually and clean it regularly so it looks nice for years to come. Sheet vinyl decking can last for many years with proper care, so it could be the right choice for your project.  

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