Things To Discuss With A Gutter Specialist About Choosing And Installing New Gutters

Things To Discuss With A Gutter Specialist About Choosing And Installing New Gutters

Things To Discuss With A Gutter Specialist About Choosing And Installing New Gutters

10 January 2022
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While you might consider putting new gutters up yourself or repairing your old ones, it's often best to leave the work for a gutter specialist. Gutters are important since they prevent water damage to your home. You want to make sure the right gutters and downspouts are chosen and installed properly. Here are some important steps for gutter selection and installation that you may want to discuss with a gutter specialist.

The Material For Your Gutters

One of the first decisions to think about is if you want sectional gutters or the seamless variety. The seamless type of gutters has to be installed by a gutter specialist since they are custom made for your home. Since these gutters have a lower risk of leaking, you may want them for the best home protection.

However, gutter material is an important consideration too. You might want upscale copper gutters or the more common aluminum type. In addition, gutters come in different shapes. You might not have a choice in shapes if you choose seamless gutters, but you want to make sure the shape and size are suitable for your home.

That's another reason a gutter specialist is useful when selecting your gutters. They know how large the troughs need to be to handle rains that you can expect in your area.

The Type Of Downspouts You Need

You can have a basic downspout installed that drains onto the ground on a splash pad. If you need to control costs, the basic downspout is a good choice. If you want to make sure water drains far from your house, you can empty the downspout into a buried drain that takes the water to the street. Another option is to collect water from the downspout in a rain barrel so you can use the water for your plants and outdoor cleaning.

The Installation Method

There are things you may need to understand about how your gutters are installed. The gutter specialist can explain how the troughs are hung and what the slope should be. This is important to know because if you ever see a trough sagging, you know there's a problem because it should always be at a slope so rain can drain.

You may also want to know how end caps are joined and how seams are sealed. Knowing these things will be important if you want to do repairs on the gutters yourself when you clean them each year. However, if you don't want to do gutter repairs, you can hire a gutter specialist to keep the troughs and downspouts in good shape so you don't have to worry about water damage around your foundation.

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