Three Reasons Why Crawl Space Insulation Is a Must-Have for Your Home

Three Reasons Why Crawl Space Insulation Is a Must-Have for Your Home

Three Reasons Why Crawl Space Insulation Is a Must-Have for Your Home

7 February 2022
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A lot of different homes across America have a crawl space for one reason or another. Some use it as storage, others mostly avoid it all together, but almost every house will have some kind of crawl space. What you may not realize is that if you do not have your crawl space insulated, then you are leaving yourself open to all sorts of problems in the future. Before you complete a bunch of other home renovations that you may be looking forward to, here are a few reasons why you should consider a crawl space insulation installation in the near future.

Seal Your Crawl Space

One of the first steps that most insulation experts will take when working on your crawl space is to ensure it is completely sealed off from the outside world. Insulation is not the most durable material when it comes into constant contact with direct sunlight or water, which is why it has to be kept in a relatively protected environment. Sealing your crawl space is not just good for your insulation, however: it is also good to ensure you don't have water leaks or pests sneaking into your home and wreaking havoc with your foundations.

Reduce Your Power Bill

You might not think of your crawl space as instrumental in the overall temperature control of your house, but it certainly plays a part. Many homes with crawl space insulation find that they need to use less electricity to keep their home heated (or cooled during summer) at a comfortable level. That is because your floors make up a huge heat sink if your crawl space underneath them is not insulated, and you will constantly be losing power and heat through your floor if you do not do something to prevent this from happening.

Increase the Value

If you intend to sell your property in the near future, or perhaps even just rent it out, then adding small but essential features to your repertoire is a great way to add value. Crawl space insulation may not sound like much, but when tenants or prospective buyers are deciding between your home and similar options that do not have any insulation in the crawl space, it can give you a notable boost in the rankings. The great part is that you still get to enjoy the added warmth and security offered by crawl space insulation in the meantime.

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