Add These Three Pull-Out Shelves When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Add These Three Pull-Out Shelves When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Add These Three Pull-Out Shelves When Remodeling Your Kitchen

28 February 2022
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When you hire a professional to remodel your kitchen, you want this project to not only make the space look more appealing, but also offer better functionality. There are many different ways that you can address the latter need, including installing pull-out shelves. Instead of having to reach to the back of your shelves when you want to retrieve certain items, these shelves will be mounted on hardware that allows you to pull them out with ease. While pull-out shelves can be useful in several different areas around your kitchen, you may find that you especially want these three types.

Pots And Pans

While you might have a deep drawer that holds several pots and pans, a lot of people have additional pots and pans that they keep on a shelf in their kitchen. The bulky nature of these devices can make them difficult to retrieve. It's possible that you've knocked one pot or pan off a shelf while trying to grab another one, for example. You've also likely experienced the loud clatter that results from pots and pans banging against one another as you try to pull one off a shelf. Having one or more pull-out shelves in your kitchen can provide easy access to your assorted pots and pans.


If you're an avid cook, you likely have a large number of spice bottles. It's common to keep these bottles on a shelf, but the problem with doing so is that the bottles at the back of the shelf can be hard to identify and grab without first removing bottles from the front two rows. If you're tired of the time investment required to retrieve certain spices, a pull-out spice shelf can make sense. Your kitchen contractor can install it next to where you prepare your food so that your spices are always easy to grab.

Garbage Pail

People often keep their kitchen garbage pail beneath the sink. You may occasionally find that when you toss items into the garbage, they hit the rim and then fall onto the shelf below. This can occur because you don't have easy access to the top of the pail. A pull-out shelf that holds the garbage pail will make messes of this type unlikely. When you need to discard something, you can pull out the shelf so that you have an unimpeded path to the garbage. Talk to your contractor to learn more about including pull-out shelves in your kitchen remodel. 

For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact a local contractor. 

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