Prepare Personal Presentations For Your Pool Customers

Prepare Personal Presentations For Your Pool Customers

Prepare Personal Presentations For Your Pool Customers

23 March 2022
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Software that uses three-dimensional technology can be used to prepare personal presentations for your clients. A pool software program will allow you to take a two-dimensional diagram or written figures and input the details directly into an online template.

The Details

Pool contractors who do not have access to a 3D pool design software package may rely solely upon drawings or technical information that they have drawn up during a customer consultation. This type of consultation is often conducted in person and requires that a contractor meets a customer at their property.

Although this type of planning may ultimately allow a contractor to design a pool that a customer will love, there may be many instances in which errors are made during the planning phase. A 3D pool design package uses precise measurements to prepare a 3D diagram that is representative of how a pool will actually look.

First, you will need to acquire information about how large a client's yard is and the area where they would like to have a pool set up. Next, you will need to learn about the topographical and manmade features that are currently on the land.

A customer should furnish general details about some of the pool materials that they would like the new water feature to possess. With the information that you have attained, you can use the software to create a 3D draft. All of the designs can be conducted remotely. This prevents the need for multiple visits to a  customer's property.

The Presentation

Presenting a client with visuals that will help them understand how a specific water or deck feature will look can be compelling. For instance, maybe a client isn't initially certain that they want to turn their backyard into an area that can be used for multiple activities.

If a customer is contemplating the addition of a pool and decking, you can use the software to prepare an attractive 3D demonstration that portrays where a pool will be located, in relation to a barbecue pit, outdoor furnishings, and other features that the individual is thinking about purchasing. The details in a presentation could possibly convince a customer to hire you to design and install the pool and other items.

A digital presentation can contain custom colors and graphics. The initial presentation can be sent to a customer for approval. If there are any changes that need to be made, a client can email you or call you, to relay information about the proposed changes. You will be able to modify the presentation from your office and immediately send back the upgraded version of the presentation to the property owner.

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