What To Look For In Kitchen Cabinets

What To Look For In Kitchen Cabinets

What To Look For In Kitchen Cabinets

25 July 2022
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When designing a kitchen, finding suitable cabinets is vital. However, you have many kitchen cabinetry options, making it challenging to find the best fit. Your kitchen cabinets will need to offer storage and functionality while also complementing your space. Kitchen cabinets come in many sizes, shapes, and materials, and you'll want to compare and contrast your options before committing. Here's what you should look for when selecting kitchen cabinets.


The first thing to consider when searching for kitchen cabinets is how durable they need to be. Cabinet material plays a significant role in how durable kitchen cabinets are. While solid hardwood kitchen cabinetry is considered to be incredibly durable, this material comes with a premium price tag. Plywood and fiberboard cabinets can also be quite durable, as are cabinet materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. The higher the quality of the kitchen cabinetry, the longer it will last. When selecting cabinets, search for the highest grade materials in your budget.


Kitchen cabinets often take up a significant portion of any remodeling budget. Still, you don't have to break the bank to get cabinetry that meets your needs—affordability matters when selecting cabinets, and you will want to search for options that fit your budget. Usually, stock kitchen cabinetry is the most affordable, with semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets having higher price tags. Stock kitchen cabinets cost between $100 and $280 per linear foot. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets cost $200 to $550 per linear foot, and custom between $500 and $1,200 per linear foot. Knowing how much you want to spend and sticking to your budget is vital when shopping for kitchen cabinets. 


Sticking to your timeline is crucial if you are renovating your kitchen, and you'll want to look for kitchen cabinets that are available when you need them. If you are in a rush, stock kitchen cabinets are the most readily available and are often delivered within a few weeks. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets can take four to eight weeks to arrive. Since custom kitchen cabinets are designed to your specifications, they typically take the longest to arrive.

There are a few things you should look for in kitchen cabinets. First, durability matters, so select the best quality kitchen cabinets you can afford. Second, make sure you look for kitchen cabinets that fit your budget. There are quality cabinet options at many price points. Finally, make sure you select kitchen cabinets that will be ready to install when you need them.  

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