Fence Repairs Your Old Wood Fence Might Need So You Can Put Off Replacing The Entire Fence

Fence Repairs Your Old Wood Fence Might Need So You Can Put Off Replacing The Entire Fence

Fence Repairs Your Old Wood Fence Might Need So You Can Put Off Replacing The Entire Fence

22 August 2022
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If you have an old wood privacy fence, it may be in need of repairs. Over time, a wood fence slowly rots away and boards can crack or splinter. Your fence may be leaning and weak. If you need the fence to keep your dog in the yard, it should always be in good repair so it doesn't hurt your dog and so your dog can't get loose. A fence repair contractor can get your old fence back in good shape as long as it isn't too far gone. Here are some things they might need to do.

Make Minor Repairs

If the wood has started to crack or splinter, the contractor may sand down the pickets or posts that are affected so the splinters won't hurt your dog or lead to further deterioration of your fence. They may also need to drive in nails that have backed out to keep the fence tight.

Cracks might be filled in with wood filler or waterproof wood glue. However, if a picket has too much damage, the contractor will probably replace it instead.

Replace Pickets And Rails

The fence repair contractor can replace single pickets and single rails. They can also install panels that are already put together if a section of your fence is bad. They may need to replace individual pickets when pickets get broken. When the fence is weak, your dog might break a picket when jumping against it with enough force. Replacing the picket stops further damage to your fence and it also keeps your dog from getting hurt.

Rails might start to rot, especially if there are in a place where rain drains on them, such as near a shed or tree. It's important for the rails to be strong and sturdy or the fence could start to come apart. The rails attach to each individual picket and hold the pickets in place. Replacing a few rails could give your wood fence more years of life.

Put In New Posts

Replacing a rotted or damaged fence post is a common type of fence repair. Since the posts go in the ground, they may be damaged when you mow, or they may be in standing water after it rains. A post is an important part of a fence because it's what the rest of the fence attaches to. A post might get weak and start to lean, and that makes the whole fence panel lean too.

Before a new post can be put in the ground, the old one has to be dug out. This can be a difficult job since fence posts are usually sunk in concrete. The rails and fence panels have to be taken off of the post first, and then the concrete has to be dug up. The concrete can be busted up with a sledgehammer so it's easier to pick up and move for disposal. With the old post out of the way, a new one can be sunk in the ground, attached to the rails, and then secured with new concrete.

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