A Sump Pump Can Deal With A Wet Basement

A Sump Pump Can Deal With A Wet Basement

A Sump Pump Can Deal With A Wet Basement

9 December 2022
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If you have water in your basement, you need to deal with it. You should call a contractor that handles issues with wet basements to see if they can help you get your basement dry and keep it dry. The contractor may give you several options to choose from. They may suggest that you use one method over another, or they may suggest that you use a combination of things for the best result. One thing the contractor may suggest is that you get a sump pump. 

Sump Pump

A sump pump is actually a system and not just one thing. It is made up of a sump to collect the water and a pump to get the water out of your house. The sump is a pit dug into the floor of your basement. The water goes into the sump part of the system. When it reaches a particular level, it triggers the pump. Then the pump activates and pumps the water out of your house and away from it. The water can end up in a storm drain or in an area of the yard away from the house. The contractor may install some pipes from the outside of your house to the inside to direct water into the sump and not into your basement. What does it take to install a sump pump in your basement?

Finding the Right Spot

The first part of the installation process is to find the right spot to place it. There are a few things that will help the contractor decide where to place the sump. One is how the drainage in your basement flows. The goal is to put the sump in the spot where all the water ends up anyway. The other thing is the proximity to a power source. The pump needs a power source, so an electric outlet is a necessity. 

Install the Basin

The sump may be a pit that gets dug in your basement, but you need to make sure that there is a basin inside it. The basin lines the sump and keeps the dirt from getting into it or for it to get damaged from all the water. 

Install the Pump

After the basin has been installed and set, it's time to put the pump in. The pump will have to sit so that the water level triggers the float arm to turn the pump on. It may take some adjusting to get that height correct. 

Water in your basement can do a lot of damage. Talk to a contractor about your options when it comes to sump pump installation.

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