Hiring An Excavation Company To Dig The Foundation For Your New Home Or Expand Your Current One

Hiring An Excavation Company To Dig The Foundation For Your New Home Or Expand Your Current One

Hiring An Excavation Company To Dig The Foundation For Your New Home Or Expand Your Current One

25 January 2023
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Excavating the foundation area of your new home or creating a hole for a new foundation under an addition to your home must be done correctly. Hiring a residential foundation excavation service to handle the job can be beneficial and is often the most efficient option. 

Foundation Expansion

Adding an addition to your existing home often means extending the foundation to support the new space. If there is already a concrete foundation in place, you may need to have a residential foundation excavation service dig out the area for the new addition so that the depth matches. Getting the hole right allows the contractor to connect the original foundation and the new one seamlessly.

The depth must be the same, and the excavation service needs to open up the site enough to allow concrete forms and space to work around them. The hole may be larger than necessary for the foundation, but once the concrete or block work is complete, backfilling the area around the foundation closes up the hole, leaving only the new foundation and basement or crawlspace under the addition.

Equipment Requirements

The area needing excavation can vary with the size of the addition or new foundation. Working with a residential foundation excavation service means you get professionals that bring the right equipment to the job site. 

A small addition that requires a new foundation section may not be accessible with a full-size excavator or other machines. The foundation excavation service may need to use a mini excavator that can work in tight spaces to dig out the area, and while it can take longer, it can mean less damage to the site and actually make the job easier.

While digging a foundation by hand is possible, using a foundation excavation service that understands how the hole needs to be laid out and can ensure a level base and strong walls is often a better idea. Preparing the area for the foundation is critical to getting a good foundation that will last for many years without settling or sinking over time. 

Sometimes the excavation company will need to add drainage to the site or layer in additional materials like gravel or sand before they put the final base down that will support the foundation. While there are a lot of contractors that offer excavation services, residential foundation excavation often involves more than digging out the hole for the foundation. An experienced service can make the job easier and faster and ensure that the foundation has a solid base to support the structure correctly.

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