Foundation Repair: Top Causes of Foundation Problems and How to Tackle Them

Foundation Repair: Top Causes of Foundation Problems and How to Tackle Them

Foundation Repair: Top Causes of Foundation Problems and How to Tackle Them

26 May 2021
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The foundation determines the strength and stability of the entire building. Therefore, any issue in the foundation can pose a safety risk to the building occupants. Moreover, extensive issues may require thousands of dollars to correct. Because of that, you should schedule foundation repair work immediately when you notice anything unusual. Here are the top causes of foundational problems and what you should do to correct them.

Soil Composition and Moisture Content 

The soil upon which you have built your home can affect the stability of the foundation. When the house stands on uneven ground where there are stones in some areas and soil on the other areas, it can crack and settle unevenly. Such a problem leads to creaking windows and doors, making them hard to open and close.

Also, houses built on expansive clay soil have a high possibility of developing foundation problems. That's because clay soil is expansive when it absorbs moisture and contracts when dry. When the soil expands, it exerts the upper pressure on the foundation. Thus, the expansion and the contraction of the soil beneath your house can be a major cause of foundation problems. It can lead to cracks that run up the wall, forming zigzag shapes.

Extreme Changes in Temperature

In places with extreme changes in temperatures, the chances of experiencing foundation problems are high. That's because changes in the soil temperature beneath your house may cause continuous flexing and slight foundation movements. The movement caused by the contraction and expansion of the soil, in turn, causes stress on the foundation leading to disturbance. As a result, your building will develop some cracks on the floors and walls. 

Poorly Constructed Drainage

Improper drainage around the building can lead to over-saturation of the soil, causing soil erosion in the area. Moreover, poor drainage causes the water running from rooftops to make pools around your home. When the down sprouts are not angled correctly, a lot of water will collect around the building or in your yard. The water may eventually cause soil erosion, leading to the formation of sinkholes, which affect the foundation. 

The integrity of your house rests on the foundation it sits on, and therefore, a properly constructed foundation goes a long way in making the entire structure strong. So when you spot any signs of foundational damage, it is prudent to call for foundation repair services before the problem worsens. Detecting and solving these issues early can save you precious time and a lot of money in the future.

Call a foundation repair business, such as Innovative Foundations Repair, to schedule a repair.

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