Why Use an Xactimate Estimate Writing Service?

Why Use an Xactimate Estimate Writing Service?

Why Use an Xactimate Estimate Writing Service?

7 July 2021
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If you need to make an insurance claim for property damage, then you have to rely on the estimate that your insurer's loss adjusters make. Insurance companies often use software systems, such as Xactimate, to come up with these figures.

While you can simply accept the offer you get, you won't necessarily get the best deal here. You can, however, improve your settlement prospects by hiring an Xactimate estimate writing service to guide you through the process.

What are the benefits of doing this?

Get on the Same Page as Your Insurer

While you can get repair, replacement, and rebuild quotations from builders and contractors, your total cost might not match the sum your insurer comes up with. While your contractors will probably use their own experience and contacts, your insurer might use software systems that come up with more generalized figures. If you hire an Xactimate estimate writing service, then you can move on to the same settlement pathway as your insurance company. You'll understand how they are likely to view your claim and its settlement sum.

In some cases, your estimate will show areas of potential shortfalls. This can help you gain a clearer understanding of any extra information you need to give during the claim.

Build Reasonable Cost Estimates

Your insurer will make an offer based on their own estimates. However, this settlement figure isn't always enough to cover all your costs. Estimating software will typically take a middle-ground approach to costs, but it can't always factor in special circumstances. For example, these software programs aren't always able to deal with custom-built homes or ones in higher-cost locations. They might not even factor in unusual construction costs that aren't obvious in your claim.

If you create your own estimate based on the same software that your insurer uses, then you can ensure your claim contains the extra information you need to get a fair settlement. For example, you can show that local material and labor costs are higher than the software's generic figures. If you can show valid gaps in the insurer's estimate, then you have a better chance of getting the settlement payment you need. You can highlight areas where you need extra consideration outside of the estimating program's scope.

Get Expert Help

Loss estimating software programs aren't easy to use or understand unless you have proper training. This isn't a job you can typically do yourself. However, if you use an Xactimate estimate writing service, then you get access to experts who know exactly how the system works and how insurance companies use it. This experience is invaluable during the claims process.

To find out more, contact Xactimate estimate writing specialists and ask how they can help you out.

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