Underlying Reasons Why You Require Immediate Septic Tank Drain Field Repair

Underlying Reasons Why You Require Immediate Septic Tank Drain Field Repair

Underlying Reasons Why You Require Immediate Septic Tank Drain Field Repair

9 November 2021
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When you think of your septic tank system, you probably only envision the receptacle that is tasked with collecting the wastewater and greywater from your home. Certainly, the tank itself is vital for the overall functioning of this system. Nonetheless, there are additional elements that are vital for its operation too. And once such element is the drain field. Also referred to as the septic tank leach field, this element is made up of a network of pipes, trenches, lateral lines, and so on that all work in tandem to collect the wastewater in the septic tank and treat the effluent before distributing it into the environment. Therefore, when your drain field fails, the entire operation of your septic system will be jeopardized. But why does this happen? Keep reading for some underlying reasons why you require immediate septic tank drain field repair.

You have been exposing the drain field to excessive loads

What you may be surprised to learn is that you could be the contributing factor to drain field disrepair due to your habits. This is particularly true if you had chosen to have your drain field located at the front of your home. The mistake that some homeowners make is driving their cars over the drain field and even parking their vehicles on the surface under the assumption that it is capable of withstanding this weight, but you would be grossly mistaken. Not only does the excess load lead to soil compaction that would impede the flow of effluent, but the hardware such as pipes will also suffer from damage. Hence, you will notice symptoms such as water pooling on the drain field and fetid odors coming from this area. Once you seek drain field repairs, you must never expose this area to any heavy loads.

You have been exposing the drain field to excessive wastewater

The second mistake that some homeowners make with their septic tank system that jeopardizes their drain field is using excessive amounts of water. Another fact that you may not know regarding your septic tank system is that its capacity will dictate the amount of wastewater that it can collect and treat at any given time. If your household goes beyond this amount every other day, you will be overworking your drain field, as it will not be getting sufficient time to disperse the treated wastewater and have it evaporate before it releases more. As a consequence, mud forms in the drain field from the excess moisture, and the mud will make its way into the lateral lines, causing blockages inside them. Before you know it, you are experiencing plumbing backups in your home. To remedy this problem, it is vital to hire immediate septic tank drain field repairs.

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