Common Types Of Damage Metal Roofs Suffer After An Area Tornado

Common Types Of Damage Metal Roofs Suffer After An Area Tornado

Common Types Of Damage Metal Roofs Suffer After An Area Tornado

7 March 2023
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In 2022, there were more than 1,300 tornadoes in the United States. Amid these major wind events, many homeowners sustained damage to their roofs. All roofing types can be at risk during a tornado. With high winds, hurled debris, and even hail, the roof can actually take the brunt of the damage in many cases. However, metal roofing is one of the most common types of roofs that need a roof repair contractor after a tornado passes through an area. Check out the different types of metal roofing damages that can occur during a tornado. 

Twisted or Bent Metal Panels 

The most common type of metal roofing damage that occurs during a tornado is twisted or bent metal panels. It is not uncommon for some of the fasteners to be worked loose in heavy winds, which can allow the panel to hinge upward and bend or twist. 

Hail Damaged Metal Panels 

Hail before or during a tornado is highly possible, and these stones of ice get hurled from the sky at incredible speeds. Unfortunately, a hail stone hurled at a metal roof has the capacity to dent or even crack the roofing panels. After a substantial bout of hail, it is not uncommon for the entire roof to have to be replaced because the damage is so widespread. While it is often assumed that hail dents in metal roofing are no major concern other than aesthetically, the damage should be assessed to make sure more extensive damage did not occur. 

Missing Metal Panels 

The winds can be so strong during a tornado that entire metal panels get ripped away and carried to the ground. In the strongest tornados, the ripped-away panel may not even be dropped anywhere nearby where it can be retrieved and re-installed. If you spot missing metal panels, it will be important to have the roof tarped as soon as possible to protect your home until repairs can be accomplished. 

Broken or Penetrated Metal Panels 

Tornadoes are notorious for causing tree damage. Therefore, if your home is near trees during a tornado, there is a high possibility of your metal roof sustaining damage from wind-thrown limbs. If the winds are strong enough, it is even possible for limbs to be pushed at such impressive force that they penetrate a metal panel. 

Get in Touch with a Roof Repair Contractor for Help

Has your metal roof sustained damage during a storm? Delaying contacting a roof repair contractor can cause substantial damage to your home. Reach out to a roof repair contractor in your area to have the issue evaluated and mended as quickly as possible.   

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