Iron Railings Pair Well With These Materials Outdoors

Iron Railings Pair Well With These Materials Outdoors

Iron Railings Pair Well With These Materials Outdoors

21 March 2023
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Iron railings can add style and function to numerous places inside of your home, but it's also worthwhile to consider adding one or more of these railings outside of the residence. Railings can work well in multiple places, including along the steps that lead up to your front door, next to steps that cut through a retaining wall, and elsewhere. The durability of iron is a good choice outdoors, as it will resist the elements well and is easy to maintain throughout the years. Iron railings can pair well with several outdoor materials, including these.


Iron railings are a good fit with concrete, offering a classic look that you'll see outside of many residences and businesses alike. If you're keen on giving the front of your home a new look, pouring new concrete steps that feature iron railings on one or both sides can work well. The solid nature of the concrete will do a good job of holding the railing structure, even if someone leans hard on it as they walk up or down the steps. Black iron railings look good with light gray concrete, but if you want the two colors to be closer together, don't hesitate to tint the concrete a dark color of gray.


Similarly, iron railings work very well with brick. If you're planning to build a large patio that will have brick columns at each corner and perhaps periodically around the perimeter, having iron railings that run between the brick columns can be a look that works well. The red brick and black iron complement one another, and a professional installation will firmly connect the iron to the brick with heavy hardware.


Don't be afraid to consider iron railings on a wooden structure such as a deck or a set of steps. Many people automatically think about using wooden railings on wooden structures, but this look can sometimes be a little bland. Adding iron not only changes the look of the entire structure, but it also provides a material that is stronger than wood and that requires less maintenance in the years ahead. There are lots of different ways to combine iron railings with wooden structures. For example, you might have wooden posts around the structure with iron railings between them. Look online to find an iron railing supplier in your area and visit their website to browse for railings in your preferred style.

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